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Introducing the ARTS RFID Difference

Adaptive RFID Tracking System


We Care!

We understand that every business is unique and will work closely with you to understand your needs and expectations. IMD is committed to providing an innovative and cost-effective RFID software solution with our Adaptive RFID Tracking System.   


Hardware Independent

We can work with various brands of RFID tags and readers.  You can also mix and match UHF, LF & HR tags.

Call Center


Our Support team has got your back.  They are well-versed in RFID and asset tracking along with years of experience working in the textile industry.

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Platform Independent

Setup and reporting are supported on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  This means you can access ARTS information on Windows, Apple and Android products.  



No investment to your IT infrastructure is needed.  Cloud also means mobile.  ARTS can be deployed at your site as well as on the back of a truck.  

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No Commitment

We don’t like having buyer’s remorse and we know you don’t either.  IMD does not require you to sign a contract or pay for months in advance.  We bill a very reasonable one-time setup fee and monthly recurring charge. 

Get in Touch

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